USA Rail Map

USA Rail Map
This USA rail map shows the major railway routes in the U.S.

USA Rail Map Information

Railroads played an instrumental role in opening up vast tracts of territory in the early days of settler America but today rail traffic has been overtaken by airplanes and automobiles. The United States has a very mobile population and many of them prefer to either fly or hit the road. Even freight traffic that was initially dependent on the vast railroad network is today dominated by highway trucks and other road carriers.

The railroad network nevertheless still move around a third of the country's freight traffic with the most important goods carried by them including coal, grain, chemicals and motor vehicles. They in fact play a significant role in transporting coal and raw materials from mines to the manufacturing sites of industrial America. Most railroad companies have however discontinued passenger services in the face of stiff competition from airlines and bus companies. The only significant passenger rail services in America today are operated by the government supported National Railroad Passenger Corporation or Amtrak , which was formed in 1970.The Amtrak system, headquartered in Washington D.C., covers a network of 21,000 miles that link over 500 rail stations across the length and breadth of the United States of America.

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